New Street Condominiums

Philadelphia, USA

New Street Condominiums

Windorz is probably the only company in India to successfully execute a façade project in the USA.

The entire Curtain wall and accessories were designed, produced and fabricated here in our plant in India and shipped to Philadelphia.

Due to the building’s proximity to a very old train bridge, sound insulation was of utmost importance to the client. To ensure the sound insulation requirements, we proposed to use a facade system with Laminated Double Glass with two sheets of laminated glass separated by a 12mm air gap filled with argon gas. The Aluminium sections were also filled up with Rockwool insulation to further improve sound insulation. The challenge while executing the project was to ensure the coordination between our design and fabrication team with the local installation team in Philadelphia, to ensure that the sizes and fabrication were done exactly as per the drawings and we are proud that we executed it to the complete satisfaction of the client and Architects.

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